• Last reply on +2486415430

    They phoned me today and I don't know anyone in the Seychelles suspect it us a scam they phone you let it ring and almost immediately hang up. Guess they hoping you will phone them back.. Ha ha.. Not on their life

  • Last reply on 1-818-861-5546

    He is cute guy

  • Last reply on 1-818-861-5546

    5 stars he is a nice n friendly guys

  • Last reply on 9788025516

    This number belongs to Kurt Sanborn a.k.a. David Staveley.


  • Last reply on 3034089500

    I asked for health care information and this number called me back. They provide information and help for healthcare.

  • Last reply on 206-922-4799

    claims to be amazon support then asked for my account email and password

  • Last reply on 7208931844


  • Last reply on 7208931844

    1Star! Do not answer! Scam!!!

  • Last reply on 7862730141

    Cesar David Jiron is a gay prostituto

  • Last reply on 6193965844

    This guy is a black man around 40 years old and he is from San Diego. He slept a with women and uses them. He has a wife. Search his number and you will find her name in some posts. So sad:(

  • Last reply on 618-710-8078

    They keep calling! They never leave a message. I don't answer calls if I don't recognize the number.

  • Last reply on 6039451856

    Rehab center

  • Last reply on 5612033360

    Keeps calling my cell phone

  • Last reply on 0136980709

    the number keep disturbing me .He make a voice call and video call s*x... I answered him once, he show his pennis on video call. many times I'm make a report about this number.. I can see his face but I don't know who is he.. Many times I am avoid him but he still contacting me even I am not answer him

  • Last reply on 4176277947

    Bill Collection

  • Last reply on 0634876131

    This number is not safe and valse info... threatening people and their families.. be careful

  • Last reply on 8102881250

    Scam artist

  • Last reply on +6417014523

    I have been called by this number and I am unable to identify who's calling.

  • Last reply on (02) 8049 0841

    Telemarketer call

  • Last reply on 9083408160

    The person is a stalker.

  • Last reply on 8447374559


  • Last reply on 5162799907


  • Last reply on +12565738488

    Said they were from jackpot city and there had been a win on my account (there hasn't, I haven't played jackoot city in months) when I told them it was 3am they said o were u sleeping? To which I said : you think!! And hang up. They tried to call back twice! Dodgy!!!!

  • Last reply on 0837299326

    Professional no do
    Doubts on number.very safe.

  • Last reply on 1-440-973-8640

    Scam collection agency
    Phoenix financial
    Impersonating the actual company
    Very aggressive scammers
    They do not answer questions - they become very vulgar and defensive when asked any questions

  • Last reply on 0616177477

    s*x addict man

  • Last reply on 08005872871

    suspicious 08005 not registered with any UK carrier

  • Last reply on 8882249991

    It’s the national rifle Association

  • Last reply on 8449279276

    For Biblical Truth. Visit "bmius.org", "ebiblefellowship.com","ebible2.com", "ebiblefellowship.org"

  • Last reply on 8593107561

    Credit Solutions of Kentucky. Debt collector, insurance biller

  • Last reply on +6325135847

    The person used this is a scammer. Many of us gave trust and money with them. Buildlife Financial Corporation.It must be deleted.

  • Last reply on 4236502702

    guys I purchased this number from dollar general in michigan ave rd NE cleveland tn in Jan 2013 an dit was stolen by current users from down town chattanooga Post office on the same day I posted it (i thought ) to a friend in LA and many months later tried to PORT ther number to me in cleveland but a person said it had been ported to a VERIZON PHONE>The persons who ported it are paedophiles and from England ,canada and Australia.A group of 9 and they appear to still be using that number

  • Last reply on 3104184243


  • Last reply on 0189362133

    This number has called my mum and ask for my phone number....chinese women...
    I've searching for this number on true caller apps...and its from CIMB....but its wondering me because i've never deal with any banking...i give this number 2star...please spam this number

  • Last reply on 4256105123

    What is going on this is my phone number

  • Last reply on 8448444467

    These guys helped me out i am happy with the services

  • Last reply on 7272630622

    random call keeps calling even when I block the person states she is Sandy an employment specialist calling on a recorded line. I yelled I do not need a job stop calling and she hung up only to call again the next day.

  • Last reply on 0018039855702

    Microsoft Scam!

  • Last reply on 0844005005

    Hồng Phước Thịnh Co.,LTD.
    Chuyên cung cấp Van Công Nghiệp G7.
    Or Hotline : 0929.005.005

  • Last reply on 05511486278

    This number is a premium number from Santander. If you call it, you will be charged, but they will immediately return your call.

  • Last reply on 3217204755

    Same! Thanks for sharing his name.

  • Last reply on 3217204755

    Samuel McGuckian, look him up, his name is all over with complaints about harassment. Call the police, Eugene.

  • Last reply on 3217204755

    Samuel McGuckian is a young man who is going to get the police called on if he calls again. Has called me numberous times for several days in a row, every single call has been dropped.

  • Last reply on 50375319671

    It's apart of a s*x trafficking ring

  • Last reply on 8173108796

    started calling for health care insurance after i was online looking at quotes

  • Last reply on 3217204755

    Caller’s name is Sam McGuckian , or Samuel McGuckian. Calls constantly and daily.

  • Last reply on 07971206059

    Rivergate Consultants Ltd. Chartered Structural Engineers.

  • Last reply on 8606137619

    This is the number for the Middletown, CT National Guard/Reserve Center. A Military Facility

  • Last reply on 0163097958

    Called and said that he is representing AKPK. As we all know, AKPK has no agent and won't call us. I told him I will report him if keep on calling. After hung the phone, he sms my ic number to me, and I warned him second times will report him. I have blocked his number.

  • Last reply on 092807819

    Inmates make outgoing calls from mount eden correctional facilities on this number.

  • Last reply on 7579758177

    Harassing, belligerent caller. Threatened and unsafe

  • Last reply on 0484319752

    Contact me on scammerkennymooreinfo@gmail.com if u want to know any details

  • Last reply on 0484319752

    Known Romance scammer australian male

  • Last reply on 0484319752

    Online romance scammer + other scams

  • Last reply on 4103065975

    Robo calls. Trying to get people to pay on debt not owed or time_barred in some cases already discharged in bankruptcy. they don’t listen. Break the law. Still calls after being ordered to stop.

  • Last reply on 2064143118

    I have received several calls from this number from men who identify themselves as officers of the law. They try to make me think I am under investigation and that I need to turn myself in to my local police department. They advise me first to call a number of a law firm before doing so which is I imagine where they will try to scam me out of money by offering to represent me. The caller ID shows this number to be from Seattle, WA and when I asked where the law firm was located for which they gave me the number they replied that it was located in the Bronx.

  • Last reply on 561-719-1652

    Safe. A friend of mine

  • Last reply on 5054895187

    I was contacted by this number (505) 489-5187 stating that they were JJ from the Sheriff Department. This is not the Sheriff Departments phone number. Fruad and impersonating a government official. They knew my first name.

  • Last reply on 8087310882

    I'm marking this # as a spam caller. Keeps calling but never leaves a message. If the caller is legit, they'll leave a message

  • Last reply on 7027669704

    keeps calling me and dosent leave a message

  • Last reply on 3235925797

    Call if you want an std

  • Last reply on 8167282956

    I know this number WELL! BUT I dont know you!

  • Last reply on 8167282956

    I know this number WELL! BUT I dont know you!

  • Last reply on +17724586458

    Not a call that I’m expected. Tries to call me several times. Did not feel hood

  • Last reply on 8882725743

    Navient re: student loans robocall

  • Last reply on 0013232255471

    Not safe number.

  • Last reply on 7144613495

    multiple calls, no msg. called back- silence
    I'm guessing spam, scam or phish

  • Last reply on 573-586-4270

    FOUND IT! This is one way they are doing this. I would love to do it back to this person but im not sure if its legal. go to: https://www.spoofcard.com/blog/anonymous-texting/
    Hope this helps ya. :)

  • Last reply on 8555689213

    used my previous married name that I haven't been known by in 8 years and was threatening to file a complaint with my county should I not contact them by phone today. Sounds like spam to me especially considering I have nothing on my credit report that is owed from the time I had my previous married name.

  • Last reply on 573-586-4270

    left a very odd lyrics to a song; "honesty is such a lonely word, everyone so untrue, and mostly what i need from you." I think he is trying desperately for a response and probably gets some. Not from me though.

  • Last reply on 951-875-4313

    Answered the phone and heard CLICK and the a guy says this is Jason from a solar company the name changes daily and I hang up, next day different number same thing. DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER! He will call everyday.

  • Last reply on +16502062721

    Sends my child codes to put in windows or Xbox I think if she did they would have access to credit card details on the Xbox!! Luckily we don’t

  • Last reply on 5123330841

    I have received this call several times also with a voice mail about a survey being left & asking me to return the call. I finally answered. He claimed, with a heavy Indian sounding accent, that he "Was with the TX Dept. Of State Health Services, (DSHS) & would I be willing to complete a survey. He asked if I would do a survey or could he call back at a more convenient time. I asked where he was calling from, & again he said "DSHS." I informed him "There is no such thing as the DSHS department as they merged with another state department approximately 2 years ago.

  • Last reply on 0837299326

    Safe n secure.

  • Last reply on 2182601456


  • Last reply on 8053806907

    Craigslist house scam.. trys to solicit money for keys to house!!

  • Last reply on 8053806907

    Craigslist house scam!! Trys to solicit money for keys to house!!! Dont fall for it!!

  • Last reply on 8777517087

    Same here! I keep getting messages to call this number . They keep calling my work as well saying I'm going to be served . But I can't find any info on this phone number

  • Last reply on 3144499268

    Woman caller waited for recording machine to answer. Said "Hello" six times, sounding mad on the last two "Hello"s as if trying to get someone to pick up. It sounded like phone bank or calling center in background, many people background. I have done all i can to make these kinds of calls to stop

  • Last reply on 0012897804720

    Just had three consecutive missed calls from this number. I dont know anybody in Ontario Canada so I didnt answer the calls for several good reasons. I have voicemail set up on my phone and the caller didnt leave any message which leads me to believe that its some sort of premium rate call scam.
    My gut instinct and advice to others would be not to answer this number.

  • Last reply on 8662047579

    I feel the same. I think it’s a scam. Do not give them any information.

  • Last reply on 8662047579

    I feel the same. I think it’s a scam. Do not give them any information.

  • Last reply on 2312398740

    I would steer clear of this number. I was contacted out of the blue with a job offer to print checks and deliver them to clients and staff via fed ex and usps. All was asked of me I quote “So we would like to know if you are trustworthy enough to entrust you with our clients vital information?” So you tell me would you trust someone you didn’t know with your vital information given to a stranger that didn’t apply to this job no background ran nothing. I will update this when I hear from them again and see where this goes. For now I would suggest staying away.

  • Last reply on 8593880861

    This guy is a legit Facebook nutcase goes by Eddie Valient, Brynn Dalby, Albert Rose, says his real name is Larry Short married to a Victoria Short from Frankfort KY

  • Last reply on +1816873834

    indian trying to send fake whitepapers

  • Last reply on 3237166656

    This person all continues to message me what did they send you

  • Last reply on 9513105117

    What do you really need to know about this number?

  • Last reply on 0127678467

    You can block it, they call me today congratulating for winning tender for defence department. Their domain differ with the real Dept of defence, their is dodmil.org.za. there's now way the defence Dept can user .org.za instead of .gov.za. also their numbers differs with that of defence department

  • Last reply on 3373853433

    Triparish rehab

  • Last reply on 8583719819

    share ur story with me

  • Last reply on 6044498581

    1 star - Tax scam

  • Last reply on 036684595

    Scam number

  • Last reply on 0182467437

    Visit "bmius.org" ,"ebiblefellowship.com and .org" also "ebible2.com"

  • Last reply on 2674177992

    Dark web bank scammers. Will hack your bank account and deposit copies of third party checks

  • Last reply on 4694127643

    This number is a scam. Stating they would send you the money if you send them your name and address. The would send you a certified "cheque' or check and once you cash it they would send their movers to collect. I was selling tickets, really, send movies for tickets. I do but think so.

  • Last reply on 7323877614

    I have received a call from this unknown number for 3 days straight. I do not know anyone in this area code.

  • Last reply on 8102881250

    The guy is a scam artist. Operating under the title "handyman". He is unskilled labor looking to cut your grass and destroy your lawnmower in the process. Beware if you hire him.

  • Last reply on 6012036388

    1 star - the number is not safe. Do not answer

  • Last reply on 08000469600

    I think it's Gladstone Brookes, so if they are calling you, then probably about PPI

  • Last reply on 7029411255

    Got a text wanting me to go to a web site

  • Last reply on 8162325562

    I get like 15 calls a day from this number i have no idea who it is

  • Last reply on 2017016214

    Received a text with a confirmation number that I hadn't requested. No business name used. Could be someone used my number by mistake.

  • Last reply on 3213367474

    It's a scam caller (robocaller) claiming to be from Capital One Credit Card promising a lower interest rate. Don't call back.

  • Last reply on 4436234187

    This person sent me a nasty text message. Gross.

  • Last reply on 3857157963

    Don't answer or call back.

  • Last reply on 1-647-700-8028

    Contractor James will speak to you to gain trust then rip you off money.

  • Last reply on 1-647-700-8028

    This number is unsafe. Contractor who robbed meover $15000 taking in cash to build a kitchen but never did. Buyer beware! Seven months have passed no kitchen. No phone calls. No money returned.

  • Last reply on 5819854693

    It’s Andrée Anne, the marriage destroyer.

  • Last reply on 6465139131

    Recieved a text message with harassing information, vulgar language and degrading remarks about women. Avoid if possible

  • Last reply on 5102579073

    Went to voicemail and caller did not leave a message

  • Last reply on 9712137320

    Did u ever find out??

  • Last reply on 9712137320

    Did u ever find out??

  • Last reply on 8052629231

    I would have marked it as spam (I just got a text from them) - but it seems it is from my apartment management company (in Pennsylvania) though the number is from California. I got an email from them with same info just before the text. (And now a second text from them with additional info on another issue.)

  • Last reply on 8133227661

    Recording offering business loans every 10 days....

  • Last reply on 8558029155

    It’s a scam these people are disgusting and need to get a real job

  • Last reply on 6036340548

    Not safe.

  • Last reply on 6036340548

    Not sure. I think it's my ex-wife's #.

  • Last reply on 0016094544518

    Caller with an American accent wanted to speak to the Managing Director. Told him he wasn't here. Then he wanted his e-mail address to "introduce his Company" before he calls again. I asked him what he was trying to sell as I am the Company Secretary and I would know whether the Managing Director would be interested or not. He then said, "Thank you so much." and hung up! Waste of my time !

  • Last reply on 7404747445

    It rings busy when I return the call

  • Last reply on 08444417594

    This is an alternate number for Vodafone Cust services, at an exorbitant rate. dO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER 08444417594, you are speaking to Vodafone, and paying crazy money, for the privilege, big Vodafone con.

  • Last reply on 08444417594

    Just found out, after weeks of enquiries ( mostly to a vodafone) that this number is a VERY HIGHLY CHARGE RATED aiternate number for VODAFONE CUSTOMER SERVICES, Yes! We are all being charged exorbitantly for seeking advice about this mystery number from VODAFONE, and its THEIR OWN NUMBER, that's how the calls are eked out, more money for them, Devastated !!!!

  • Last reply on 02138900000

    Its Navel Security Office number

  • Last reply on 8558054827

    If you haven't found anything out it's most likely safe. There's normally a long list of dirt on numbers when they aren't safe

  • Last reply on 00142392713522

    No-one spoke, just hung up

  • Last reply on 650-229-4399

    This is a thug...a really bad guy. If he's calling he believes you are his enemy.

  • Last reply on 6474916178

    Proceed with caution. This guy is reckless and doesn't seem to be up to anything good.

  • Last reply on 876-386-9419

    Fraudulent call trying to get me to give them money in exchange for - million dollars and a new Mercedes

  • Last reply on 8449000553

    Received this message:

    SquareTrade suspended your Target protection plan due to payment decline. Click below link to reactivate your plan.

    It’s a SCAM! I did not purchase a target protection plan.

  • Last reply on 6146026632

    Repeat calls no pick up when called back think company scam

  • Last reply on 5405540080

    Agreed. Seems shady, referenced a car insurance policy I don't have but did know the make and model of my vehicle. I am very confused!

  • Last reply on 9546895556

    Cleveland Clinic gastro desk

  • Last reply on 9197979378


  • Last reply on 1-876-295-1846

    This is an unsafe number. Do Not answer it.

  • Last reply on 3728804983


  • Last reply on 2544245346

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you offer any other details. I believe they came to my door

  • Last reply on 07624804602

    I have been charged 25p for receiving a text message from this number?

  • Last reply on 1-269-459-9185

    Cole Nissan Kalamazoo Michigan to tell me about recall for airbags on my Nissan car.

  • Last reply on 1-954-864-6915

    This guy (954-864-6915) did the same to me, said his name was Tony. Installed Sun damaged rear window with broken defroster connection and would only take cash. No company address or phone number on his bill (which used the company name National Auto Glass). I had originally called Safe Fast Auto glass to do the repairs, they sent 'Tony' . I called both Safe Fast and Tony to complain, no answer and no returned calls from either.

  • Last reply on 866-697-1462

    Just like every other scammer trying to break into the "scam debt market" these losers were so excited to finally talk to a live person that they just fast talked through the script about payday loans, a bad check was written, lie after lie, a totally made up HUGE number like $1785.33 and the good ol' "we can settle out of court today for..." .. all in less than 2 mins. All (poorly) designed to make me scared and subservient and be a yes man. Once I told them they were a d*mb generic scammer intimidating people into paying nonexistent debt, the screaming match started.

  • Last reply on 8448688432

    It’s a collection agency that portrays itself as a court entity. They use fear to extort money.

  • Last reply on 877-487-3299

    Subverted my NoMoRoBo. Andrea from HC Processing Center called asking for someone else and if I knew them, where they were, how they could get in touch with them, etc. I don’t know this person and have had this number for twenty plus years. I barely got the company name from her. I had to drag that information out of her. She kept trying to end the call. She was informed to remove my number from their database. The information I could find references debt collection. I pay my bills. I hope they never find the other person. Seems very shady.

  • Last reply on 3132635266

    Called me claiming ineeded to pay maintenance fees on my timeshare for $800. Time share companyis located in the Dominican republic. Claimed they were from california. Called the 1800 number for the timshare. Scam number

  • Last reply on 07894041953

    Its not a spam number

  • Last reply on +6779231977

    These are spammers

  • Last reply on 805-253-1895

    I constantly get calls from this number, I usually ignore but I answered yesterday. No one said anything, and it sounded like they were outside or in a car. I blocked it, then I started getting calls with the same area code and prefix but the last 4 digits change with each call. I've blocked all of them. Would be nice to find who it is and report them. Thank you.

  • Last reply on 1-405-505-6810

    Call me 4055054536 if you want answers

  • Last reply on 1-419-774-4020

    Det recovery Mansfield Ohio

  • Last reply on 3726347387

    Scammers, offering to participate in FOREX

  • Last reply on 7203859621

    She’s a sl*t good luck easy pickings

  • Last reply on 6193292382

    received an unsolicited call that they said was regarding medicare and requesting private information from me. I do not have medicare, so I suspect this was a spam phishing attempt! do not answer!

  • Last reply on +16463350276


  • Last reply on 02102921234

    The man this guy , so helpful

  • Last reply on 5623561555

    A robot call pretending a FAKE Apple Cloud monitoring agency called me continuously 5+ times in two hours and said that my cloud security was breached. I do not own or use any iPhone and any Cloud system. This is a SCAM!! DO NOT ANSWER the call or it will know your number is active and will try to steal your privacy info and your money. Just REPORT to your local government.

  • Last reply on 8443500188

    Claims I have a computer virus and needs to call this number

  • Last reply on 0015145878193

    Fake company. They collect data such as job title etc. and disconnect the call straight after.
    Pretend to be calling from Cisco, they are not! Avoid!!!

  • Last reply on 202-503-9512

    They called me on a number which is used only for my business. Anyone reaching my number is either a fellow employee or a scammer. This caller is not an employee where I work, therefore they are a scammer!

  • Last reply on 6238242120

    Credit card scammer

  • Last reply on 0014258977450

    Picked up and kept silent on the other side of the line. Could hear someone breathing though. UK number. Possibly scammers.

  • Last reply on 402-502-8421

    This phone number belongs to a company that sells cars, trucks, motor homes, semis, etc. He will only call individuals inquiries that ask for information.

  • Last reply on 4053847224

    This number has been calling my minor child's number for days. (Correction just rebooked at phone records, make that MONTHS) When I answered, and asked him why he keeps calling my child's phone, he called me liar, psycho and denied calling, but i have caller ID on my child's phone and have records of his numerous calls. I told him i was reporting him, and he responded no you're not psycho lady and hung up.

  • Last reply on 5087134151

    Received call at 8:00 p.m. 5-6-18. Did not answer. Caller ID said it was Home Depot. Left no message.

  • Last reply on 0115681531

    I am hoping this helps to prevent further damage to some extent or at-least pop up in enough Google etc searches to prevent anyone from falling for this SCAM. The Scam calls themselves 10Brokers. Below are some of the listed numbers I have managed to source. Fake trading and numerous reports online but few had direct numbers. Best of luck everyone. BE CAREFUL, THESE GUYS KNOW HOW TO TALK AND MAKE YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE GENUINE BUT THEY WILL NOT EVEN BAT AN EYELASH TO STEAL ALL YOUR MONEY AND STILL SLEEP SNUG AT NIGHT
    Dean Francis +44 20 8089 2981
    Jason Storm +27 11 568 1531

  • Last reply on 4176690296

    Called 12 x in 8 min. Called me derogatory words.

  • Last reply on 4062728916

    5/3 12:L08PM no message perhaps more money is required from India

  • Last reply on 1-702-832-6445

    not safe woman asking for personal information

  • Last reply on 01275337564

    Britania Windows - Clevedon. Genuine company

  • Last reply on 9008665903

    vishwanath m patil

  • Last reply on 8668169490
  • Last reply on 928-972-3845


  • Last reply on 01582692700

    Blue arrow recruitment agency (out of hours)

  • Last reply on 8449279276

    short ring normally spam so I did not call back.

  • Last reply on 872-704-0066

    SCAM. They tried to commit credit card FRAUD

  • Last reply on 3137575633

    Whatever this number is, it was used to charge my wife's debit card. She's going to the bank now to close the account.

  • Last reply on 4153014962

    This is a number from a scam artist saying you owe on an old debt and that if you don’t pay now, they would serve you papers to go to jail. I fell victim to this scam and they took money out of my account for 5 months.

  • Last reply on 4153014962

    This is a number from a scam artist saying you owe on an old debt and that if you don’t pay now, they would serve you papers to go to jail. I fell victim to this scam and they took money out of my account for 5 months.

  • Last reply on 4153014962

    This is a number from a scam artist saying you owe on an old debt and that if you don’t pay now, they would serve you papers to go to jail. I fell victim to this scam and they took money out of my account for 5 months.

  • Last reply on 8002765284

    1 star calls repeatedly day after day. INDIA???

  • Last reply on 0616273554

    เป๊นหมายเลขติดต่อเจ้าของขายออนไลน์ทางเฟสบุ๊คฉันไม่แน่ใจว่าบุคคลคนนี่จะเปนคนคนเดียวกันจริงใช้หมายเลขนี้เพื่อติดต่อ0616273554ขายของออนไลน์ทางเฟสใช้ชื่อเฟสว่าorphan wiboonmongkongส่วนชื่อบัญชีรับโอนเงินคือ นาย อินทัช ปรีดากิตติพัฒน์ จากเลขที่ธนาคาร8842313879 ไทยพานิช ฉันคิดว่าทั้งหมดนี้คือบุคคลฉ้อโกงหลอกลวง

  • Last reply on 0829648733

    I received a call from 082 964 8700 today at 11:40am from a Courier Co. I didn't get the name of the Company the lady spoke very fast. Saying Im going to get a parcel & asked for my address for delivery of the parcel. Asked for my email address so she can email me the delivery note stating the more about the parcel. Tried calling & states inbox full

  • Last reply on 0829648733

    I received a call from 082 964 8700 today at 11:40am from a Courier Co. I didn't get the name of the Company the lady spoke very fast. Saying Im going to get a parcel & asked for my address for delivery of the parcel. Asked for my email address so she can email me the delivery note stating the more about the parcel. Tried calling & states inbox full

  • Last reply on 6015334976

    Spam. https://d1alt1wkdk73qo.cloudfront.net/images/guide/a59c33fe065742fd84c2c...

  • Last reply on 6015334976

    You have won a "free" voucher for $100 if you sign up for an education program. Mark as spam.

  • Last reply on 8765033440

    This number just called my home at midnight telling me I won 3 million dollars. Spam!!!

  • Last reply on 630-453-3487

    It's A h*mo NAPERVILLE COP!!!!!

  • Last reply on 0182467437

    Tidak pasti tentang nombor ni,,,adakah nombor ini ade kaitan dengan kes penipian?

  • Last reply on 03187210128

    We've been called several times but we know nobody in S.Africa

  • Last reply on 8668455559

    I was called from this number asking for my street address and last 4 of my social security number. This was my first call from this person who would not state his name. It came in on my cell phone from a 651 number but was given 8668455559 to call back. This man stated I had a loan from 1st State Bank for $2367.25 taken out 2.16.96 and I was told I have not paid. I was told this was a "personal loan" but they did not know the location it was taken from. I did not take out a loan in 1996 from ANY bank or institution.

  • Last reply on 8606924367

    Nothing wrong with the number

  • Last reply on 6173077008

    !!! Do NOT answer - call left machine noise (not fax noise) as a message.
    Do not answer or receive message. Possible hacking attempt for some phone OS.

  • Last reply on 5598133509

    This number is SPAM keeps calling me and when I call back it states the number is diconnected.

  • Last reply on 5024150239

    I was called from this Number on My Phone an whatsapp I don't trust it

  • Last reply on 2042305512

    Was there an issue with this number? I may be in the same boat?

  • Last reply on 5612633658

    The caller ID on this number said “Jupiter Medical Center”, so I answered it. I had had hip surgery in October at Jupiter Medical Center, so I thought the call might be legitimate. Immediately the girl (who did not identify herself, or even say she was from Jupiter Medical Center) on the other end started asking me questions about my health, like did I still have back pain, etc., and I asked her who wants to know? She immediately hung up. I suspect this was a bogus call, and somehow she was able to program “Jupiter Medical Center” into the caller ID.

  • Last reply on 918-954-0555

    Thos os my ex number

  • Last reply on 2196298728


  • Last reply on 4794242418

    Ring few times then stopped

  • Last reply on 0774521182

    Some auction company specialising in 2nd hand s*x toys.

  • Last reply on 0015192537793

    Phoned a few times, no one speaks!

  • Last reply on 8764849828

    1 star the user stated the are from publishers clearing house and I won and need to be home on Thursday to receive cash and a car. I was to call John Malone at 1-876-484-9828 this is a Jamaican mobile number. do not call this is a scam.

  • Last reply on 6143636260

    Known fraud number for collecting 'payments' via greendot card.

  • Last reply on 1-876-874-2997

    The male caller gave me a name different from the name listed as the owner of the phone # & said he was with U.P S. and had a package for me from Publisher's Clearinghouse at which point I hung up.

  • Last reply on 7863194123

    This Number is one of the phone numbers who constantly call, but be aware the people call from number use other as well. They call 10 times a day if not more.

  • Last reply on 916-605-5051

    Seems like spam

  • Last reply on 4168582755

    Guys calling and he has the wrong number

  • Last reply on 5869439368

    Asked questions irrelevant to me then hung up on me.

  • Last reply on 7033497875

    People called very rude. Would not answer questions

  • Last reply on 9175484997

    This is a safe number!

  • Last reply on 8333547495

    They were calling about a family member that has been deceased over 30 years ago.....

  • Last reply on 01429231571

    This is a SAFE telephone number it's a local primary/junior school in Hartlepool- BARNARD GROVE they use this number when contacting Parents etc.... as there main number is 01429230300

  • Last reply on +18573085676

    It's a scammer, claimed as an American soldier that now based in Afghanistan and will be deployed to Syria soon. He named himself as Llyod Bolin. He has no family and needs to send his important belongings to someone which at the will ask for money.

  • Last reply on 1-421-647-5828

    I received a call by an individual with an Indian accent instructing me that they are Microsoft customer support, and will help me get a refund. He then proceed to advise me to install remote desktop software from Supremo, so that I would "get the money". He advised me of the process step by step, even though I did not follow his instructions. After I hung up, he called back. This is a scam. Hopefully you read this before giving someone remote access to your computer.

  • Last reply on +18762928294

    Jamaica #. Dont answer!

  • Last reply on 850-634-2438

    This person called my husbands number looking for me wanting to know if I was going to be home between the hours of 9-4 to serve me a summons. He wanted to know what it was from and they said an incident that happened a few years ago and he said, find her yourself and hung up. Scammer.

  • Last reply on 8642101129

    Automated line that didn't ring when I called, and knew my name - some kind of job offer line, do not answer yes or no because they can get your information if it's a scam line.

  • Last reply on 8186179568

    An unwanted call from this Granada Hills VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

    The perpetrator has been flagged as a scam contractor. The website www.whitepages.com describes this number as "scam or fraud." Case closed!

  • Last reply on 8772426419

    I agree 100%. I cannot find out anything g about this number that calls me over and over; and I have looked many times!

  • Last reply on 6022257570

    Spoofed. Actual number is not in service.

  • Last reply on 8335014813

    robocall scam

  • Last reply on 8885342178

    This number appeared on my computer, freezing it. It accompanied a message stating I had acquired a virus, and that I should not turn off the message or my computer. Instead, I was to call the number provided for help. I turned off my computer.

  • Last reply on 0322836318

    I too got called by this number

  • Last reply on 7756848200

    Number called me this morning at 8:03 am... Didn't answer, they didn't leave a message. Caller ID said state of Nevada. Couldn't find any information on this number from any government agency.. but it is a Carson City phone number.

  • Last reply on 8333547494

    Left a 40 second blank voice message. Real people leave real messages.

  • Last reply on 8446572559

    Watching Dateline one night I saw how a bunch of people sitting in a basement with all kinds of phones and prepaid phones and they call people all over in the US and try to scam them out of money. Most of these locations are Nigeria some have been found in Florida

  • Last reply on 8446572559

    Look at all the numbers that are reverse lookup I get a lot of scam likely numbers and most of these are listed I also block at least 25 numbers per day just because I did a do not Call list. Don't add your number to a Do Not Call List or you'll be getting more calls than anticipated.

  • Last reply on 8446572559


  • Last reply on 8446572559

    It's a scam. No need for concern

  • Last reply on 985-235-9182

    A scam. They send you a cashier's check for several thousand dollars,want you to deposit it, want you to do a store survey, send them some money back along with products you bought for their survey. Then their check bounces. Company used to mail it says they are Retail Maxim, Inc out of 102 Ives Dairy Road , Building 3 in Miami, Florida.

  • Last reply on +1 866-751-2167

    Idk who this is no message and calls at 7,8-9 PM at night.

  • Last reply on 6479232619

    I received a phone call in the afternoon asking for the advertising manager, I asked what is was regarding and he proceeded to ask me again. I informed him that we didn't have one, he then asked for the branch manager (which we also don't have). He then proceeded to ask for the person in charge while getting very angry and flustered, I asked him what it was regarding because the owner asks that I have this information before he takes calls. The gentleman on the other line proceeded to tell me I was being very unprofessional, repeating himself multiple times before hanging up on me.

  • Last reply on 2068000125

    This number has called our office 3 times today. Recorded message says something about the Treasury Department and legal action. I know it's a scam, but when you try to call the number back the call cannot be connected.

  • Last reply on 4167975000

    This number belongs to Gary Pannu from Remax.

  • Last reply on 2526801001

    I consider any caller whose Name or Phone Number or DO NOT LEAVE any message,
    they do not have good intention.
    Also my Network Carrier Verizon also do not care as long they make money connecting a call.
    We the Customers do not have any good service - really.

  • Last reply on 9122228666

    What do you need to know about this number? I know anything you would like about the owner and am curious as to why you have looked them up

  • Last reply on 404-719-6832
  • Last reply on 0417278815


  • Last reply on +16502062721

    Could be a scam I got a call from this # too

  • Last reply on 862-261-4711

    This number texted a link about “meeting up for s*x”

  • Last reply on 6047227746

    This is the owner of this 604 722 7746. I guaranty this number is safe to Roger phone carrier over 20 years with good credits. The owner is beautiful single so there could be many disturbed and untrusted called to bother and untrue posts.

  • Last reply on 6047227746

    This is the owner of this 604 722 7746. I guaranty this number is safe to Roger phone carrier over 20 years with good credits. The owner is beautiful single so there could be many disturbed and untrusted called to bother and untrue posts.

  • Last reply on 214-527-7455

    The number is just fine.

  • Last reply on 4803769868

    This number currently belongs to a lady who is still stalking her ex actively and harrassing in a volitile manner. She called our business thirty times in twenty minutes harrassing the desk to bother one of our clients. She is far from respectful and has been making accusations to try to get to the client. She is volitil and insane, do not answer calls from this number if you can avoid it!

  • Last reply on +639192616111


  • Last reply on 619-251-8212

    Another mystery caller to my unlisted cell number who does not leave a message on my voicemail...so irritating! Have blocked this and any other unidentifiable callers.

  • Last reply on 855-521-5999

    Tried to scam my elderly father in law out of $100.00 going so far as directing him to a store to buy an iTunes gift card for their "service "

  • Last reply on 9404705955

    calls and leaves no message. either rude, impolite or a scam

  • Last reply on 5163945369

    Received a voicemail from a woman named "Investigator Bourne". She claims something that directly involves me in her investigation and wants me to call her back. Sounds to me like a sham. I didn't bother.

  • Last reply on 347-430-4571


  • Last reply on 4785425586

    Who knows! # calls me once a week...don't answer them & they never leave message. STOP!

  • Last reply on 707-576-2122

    It's safe, if you call the government safe.

  • Last reply on 707-576-2122

    This number belongs to the California State Board of Equalization.

  • Last reply on 207-861-6020

    It's inland family care. A doctor's office in maine.

  • Last reply on 01723656837

    Phone for you spam call

  • Last reply on 0487182298

    Can guarantee is not a spam or something is 1000% safe

  • Last reply on 2812365472

    Safe number.

  • Last reply on 4082542406


  • Last reply on 5202630987

    It's a robo call asking for (blank, they give no name) and then I hang up. They call daily. Irksome!

  • Last reply on 8666990825

    fishing scammer

  • Last reply on 1-844-817-5884

    This number has called me twice and left a VM claiming to be Wellcare. This is a MA number, but the VM gives a different # to call back. I called Wellcare directly from the number on the card and asked and it is NOT them - the representative said they rarely make outbound calls and when they do it's an automated message from a toll-free # usually out of FL, but definitely not from MA. She also said there was no issue with my daughter's insurance so there was no reason for a call anyhow.

  • Last reply on 3478543111

    offensive text from this phone that I don't know.

  • Last reply on 9102499740

    For these people who are supposed to be working for 'Microsoft' surely do not have a whole lot of professionalism to them. Rather than to hang up the phone they proceeded to warn me they were going to send my computer to the police and have me arrested for calling them r*tards. They are a scam. They want 200 dollars to 'fix' a problem but need out credentials to do it? Right.. because we were born yesterday

  • Last reply on 678-273-3546

    Fake caller asking for Dorothy

  • Last reply on 800-815-0472

    Probably H and R Block telemarketing, but a scammer seems to use the same number sometimes. Just don't answer either way.

  • Last reply on 07792131556

    Has property to rent, good service

  • Last reply on 4502591779

    They dont leave there name
    And when call back they ask name and phone number . No way I give it to you without your name and company .

  • Last reply on 678-273-3546

    Robo call.

  • Last reply on 7025765330

    It was no good

  • Last reply on 0623080963

    Yes, this is a safe number.

  • Last reply on 0623080963

    Yes, this is a safe number.

  • Last reply on 2134354602

    Why do you need to know what's going on with this number?

  • Last reply on 2134354602

    Why do you need to know what's going on with this number?

  • Last reply on 0116477332255

    On my account with my phone company I am being charged for making international calls to this number when I do not. I do not text or call them and yet the charges are starting to build up. how can I stop this.

  • Last reply on 876-417-0981

    Calls saying from publishers clearing house, when you don’t play along they get belligerent and extremely vulgar. When you hang up they keep calling back.

  • Last reply on 508-493-3120

    Solicates s*xual acts. Sets up fake dates. Given 3 seperate chances.


  • Last reply on 8442420804

    This number was given to me by someone who claimed my electrical bill was overdue and power would be turned off in 1 1/2 hours unless I paid. When I called the electric department they said no such thing.

  • Last reply on 2028999960

    Scammers, they are not immigration. Do not send them money.

  • Last reply on 855-399-1871

    Fake computer tech support...DO NOT take calls or allow this caller access to your computer. FAKE CALLER & SCAMMER.

  • Last reply on 0015192537793

    Dodgy scam number

  • Last reply on 212-124-4745

    Received a robot call from this number asking for me to return call to 716-442-3340 as my iCloud account had been comprised. I have received seven of these calls in the past week. It started when I placed an ad on Craigslist for a vehicle for sale. Also received calls from numbers in Virginia for Apple retail stores asking me to return the call at the 716-442-3340. Reported to apple support.

  • Last reply on 5059168140

    Why? I’ve been trying to verify this number too. I wanted to make sure the person was who he said..

  • Last reply on 1-720-583-5828

    Safe in every way

  • Last reply on 0436402541

    I also want to know who’s number this is. Have you received any strange messages?

  • Last reply on 6015720721

    I dont think the location of the number is in jackson Mississippi i think the person who got it is in carthage mississippi

  • Last reply on 0433 929 426

    His name is andrew his just a silly heroin addict

  • Last reply on 818-987-3270

    It belongs to John Luis Ohnsted.

  • Last reply on 2166093835

    Says theyre with a dental program for kids. Dont know how/why they know my sons name.

  • Last reply on 02030514799





  • Last reply on 0099730015

    I also have received calls from this number on 09/03/2018 9pm

  • Last reply on 9516384700

    Individual called me from this number saying that his name was Stefan Hall with the Police Department. Do not verify any information with this individual, he is fishing for more information about you. I made the unfortunate mistake of verifying my address, please do not do the same. The individual informed me that an warrant was out for my arrest because I missed jury duty. Mind you, I have a sparkling clean record. Please, please, please, do not provide this individual with any information even if they say they’re with the police department.

  • Last reply on 2073314368

    I got texted from this number as well so it’s not a landline. I would like to know who this is because they are messing with me.

  • Last reply on 5173031000

    Blocked on my Cell Phone by Hyia

  • Last reply on 850-463-4766

    Scam do not answer

  • Last reply on 850-463-4766

    Scam do not answer

  • Last reply on 7573472864

    1 star unsafe number. Called 5 times in a row. Once I answered the lady on the phone threatened to serve me with a warrant. I tried to call the number back and it just rings.

  • Last reply on 02079077312

    They pretend to be BT but they are a call centre selling other products ... basically cold calling people in the hope they are none the wiser.

  • Last reply on 0412214429

    This was an important personal call

  • Last reply on 0848742080

    After posting my first review of this number.... I decided to look up area code 084. According to Wikipedia 084 is a Nigerian area code.
    Definitely not one I wish to answer. Don't know anyone in that corner of the world.

  • Last reply on 0848742080

    This number has been calling steadily for weeks. Never a message...just rings and then hangs up.
    I have never answered... I just have labeled it anonymous on my caller ID so I can ignore it. I will be blocking it after this post.

  • Last reply on 8167598658

    This number called my phone while I was away from it, and they didn't leave a voicemail. Anyone who doesn't leave a voicemail is suspect in my opinion. I've been trying to call the number back but keep getting a busy signal. Uh...there are no busy signals anymore!

  • Last reply on 5127130007

    It's a scam

  • Last reply on 8884442003

    Text message for auto insurance quote

  • Last reply on 7037404301

    caller left no message. yesterday i browsed several travel websites looking for info for a friend who was going on vacation.

  • Last reply on 216-600-8704


    I'm actually the owner of the number. It is used as my work line and has only been in existence for a few months now as I started working with a real estate investment company in Cleveland. We operate out of two entities 1) Five Star Cash Buyers (mostly for acquisitions) and 2) Relief Properties Inc. (our core company who has an A+ BBB rating and a large following on Facebook).

    If you want to find out more information about the number, feel free to just call it and I will pick up, and if I don't, leave a voicemail and I will call you back.

    I hope this helps,

  • Last reply on 866-460-4114

    Same as the other comments for me. This guy has made threats to come to my home and/or work to "serve me". He doesn't give out any valid information and the number he calls me from shows up as "unavailable", to my disadvantage, I am unable to block his calls.

    It is at best annoying.

  • Last reply on 570-507-8999

    Threatening phone calls scam

  • Last reply on 4027043695


  • Last reply on 7026130678

    It is a company that renews subscriptions for trade magazines and conventions. It's not a bill collector or anything weird. It is straight business to business networking.

  • Last reply on 7026130678

    It is a company that renews subscriptions for trade magazines and conventions. It's not a bill collector or anything weird. It is straight business to business networking.

  • Last reply on 7026130678

    It is a company that renews subscriptions for trade magazines and conventions. It's not a bill collector or anything weird. It is straight business to business networking.

  • Last reply on 203-842-5689

    This person called me with a heavy accent she asked if I was a telemarketer I said what? She said your life is in danger and she hung up on me.

  • Last reply on 8662608950

    Pure scam

  • Last reply on 4782150811


  • Last reply on 6043306864

    This guy is a scammer.

  • Last reply on 6043306864

    6043306864 is a scammer and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Last reply on 5856330252

    The number leaves a voice mail that says call the number back and have a nice day. I believe it's a scammer.

  • Last reply on 7329824103

    Penn Foster

  • Last reply on 0731779484

    Think they want poo

  • Last reply on 0112514723

    Discovery Financial services

  • Last reply on 8775236957

    I received a message on my computer that it was locked and to call this number or Microsoft would lock my computer. The guy went in, said it was a child pornographic spyware program and wanted to charge me $150. I could not verify it was Microsoft.

  • Last reply on 6468693133

    Not a safe number !!!!

  • Last reply on 6468693133

    b**ches need to get to work , stop living off welfare , this is a scammer

  • Last reply on 732-943-6540

    Kept calling and asking me if I wanted to switch phone service. Said I could save a lot. Wanted SS info and bank number, I hung up, they called back several times until I blocked.

  • Last reply on 4075836632

    Ask for your ssn...

  • Last reply on 07473997411

    Safe number. Comments unfounded

  • Last reply on +97470368826

    it's a explicit call, kindly do not answer..

  • Last reply on 2093132018

    Frequent calls, but no voice mails.

  • Last reply on 9892481028

    Allstate number, I don't even have their insurance so I don't know why they are calling me.

  • Last reply on +14433514959

    its a scammer

  • Last reply on 9089775508

    Do not answer!

  • Last reply on 7023305304

    My name is Bill Johnson I posted this. I'm in San Diego not Mexico. So I no longer trust this site.

  • Last reply on 7023305304

    This number belongs to David Baker he is a union liaison in Las Vegas NV. He works too bring union members and union friendly businesses together he works off of reference from union members that have used the business with good results. If you're lucky enough to get a call from David I suggest you give him some of your time.

  • Last reply on 7023305304

    This number belongs to David Baker he is a union liaison in Las Vegas NV. He works too bring union members and union friendly businesses together he works off of reference from union members that have used the business with good results. If you're lucky enough to get a call from David I suggest you give him some of your time.

  • Last reply on 4693236618

    Hang up call

  • Last reply on 9056659477

    not in service scammer took this phone number because bell publish

  • Last reply on 01606624117

    Financial advisor. Pensions etc

  • Last reply on 0812817949


  • Last reply on 949-245-9301

    Moriah Banks. Contact at your own risk. She is a nightmare.

  • Last reply on 8434673357

    Did you ever find out what as going on with this number? I have had problems with it as well.

  • Last reply on 2104606603

    Getting calls as well

  • Last reply on 516-268-3886

    I verify your address if you order a medical alert pendant i do not sell anything so I do not need to be relevant unless you ordered a pendant and I have to verify your shipping address.

  • Last reply on 302-602-6663

    Number is safe........ 5 stars

    Middle-aged. White male and female. Black. Van

  • Last reply on 302-602-6663

    Phone number is safe. Agent Ortiz. Yeah agent Ortiz is investigating a middle-aged white male white female are they have a tracking device in GPS throughout New Castle County they hire a young teenagers stalking people are the FBI is aware of it and so is it Delaware State Police they have photos of this criminal activity and it will be prosecuted in the near future but the number is safe it's just investigation matter

  • Last reply on 9544986145

    What is happening with this number if you dont mind me asking?

  • Last reply on 6047878634

    Trust me. Its safe!

  • Last reply on 6827075214

    This was a call from Forest Hill, TX warrants

  • Last reply on 501-425-1866

    They didn’t leave a message and I get daily calls from 501-425 numbers and it’s always a spoofed number with some recording trying to get information from you.

  • Last reply on 8665676518

    This is the Ford Dispute Center - a third party company handling any ongoing class action lawsuits.

  • Last reply on 0829648733

    Received my Parcel

  • Last reply on 0386644357

    It’s a call from Harvey Norman

  • Last reply on 7638985178

    Caller ID shows Walmart but is empire flooring wanting to sell flooring

  • Last reply on 085222489867

    Saya : Ibu Sinta Tki Dari Malaysia
    Terima kasih yang amat dalam kami ucapkan kepada AKI JAYA SUNDOKO…Berkat Angka Ghoib dari AKI JAYA SUNDOKO…Semua hutan-hutang saya bisa terlunasi…angka ghoib dari AKI JAYA SUNDOKO benar jitu 100%, bagi anda yang kesulitan mencari angka ritual ghoib…bergabung aja dengan AKI JAYA SUNDOKO udah terbukti TokCer…Benar-benar Tembus 4D 2572 Angka…Terima Kasih AKI JAYA SUNDOKO…Succes Selalu Buat
    AKI JAYA SUNDOKO Jitu…salam hubungi AKI JAYA SUNDOKO di no 0852-8120-1877 solusi tepat salam sukses.
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Last reply on 5129524702

    scammer Do not speak to these Craigslist Scammers!!

  • Last reply on 6468693133

    Not Ligit
    Dangerous !!!!

  • Last reply on 6468693133

    Dangerous number

  • Last reply on 6468693133

    Not good number

    Not Ligit .

  • Last reply on 3298937742


  • Last reply on 8447637179

    I had the same company called me. he was trying to deliver document to my house and sign.

  • Last reply on 2625770307

    Called me and said, "I feel like I'm gonna die. That sh*t you gave me..." Then hung up. Sounded high as a kite

  • Last reply on 0117468655

    Personel agency, no problem there.

  • Last reply on 001390305293458

    They pretend to be a telephone control agency and they lied by saying that I would have an increase on my bill. When I asked who my manager was they gave me an incorrect answer and at that point I hung up.

  • Last reply on 2167677353

    Good hand jobs

  • Last reply on 0566879122

    This is the calls from etisalat payment collection department, calling for asking us to pay the pending or failed payments at the earliest.

  • Last reply on 3472826949

    I received a call from this number at 3:30am. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I have no idea who this is.

  • Last reply on 3472826949

    I received a call from this number at 3:30am. I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I have no idea who this is.

  • Last reply on 0183229912


  • Last reply on 5042351376

    You having an issue with this number, cause I am too...

  • Last reply on 2702164537

    ** 2 stars, pretty sure it's telemarketer's.

  • Last reply on 1-225-395-0037

    i have had ten calls, so far, this month from this number. Scam.

  • Last reply on 1-225-395-0037

    i have had ten calls, so far, this month from this number. Scam.

  • Last reply on 0498444579

    I think its toyota at cleveland qld

  • Last reply on 8557912110

    I talked to a lady who said its a law firm of some type

  • Last reply on 3167125543

    Calls twice daily from 316 712-5488, 72-5849, and 712-5543.
    Blocking entire 316 area code

  • Last reply on 5302927284

    September 28, 2017:

  • Last reply on 0427 019 264

    I received a text from this number saying to call Ann Marie at Toll. The people who use this number are scammers. They also put fake jobs on sites like Seek saying that they have work at Summer Hill, Sydney, N.S.W. 2130. If you apply or have applied to them the scammers have stolen your Resume and details.

  • Last reply on 3057017141

    This number call me i didnt pick up. An hour later i returned the call. Operator told the phone is not in service.

  • Last reply on 1-866-876-7294

    866-876-7294. 8668767294. Received a call from a man identifying himself as Andrew Fesik from the CRA. Tried to obtain personal information (the information he provided to me about myself was incorrect). He was pushy and tried to intimidate claiming taxes were not filed. Totally inaccurate. After calling the CRA myself, it was determined this is a scam. Police report has been filed.

  • Last reply on 8776966700

    Called 2/22/2018 and asked for GKA?

  • Last reply on 7139656173

    This is an oilfield company named Cenergy... great company... nothing to worry about. They’d only call if you were seeking employment.

  • Last reply on 3338159116

    Its a bad man, he play whit women, only used. He live in Guadalajara

  • Last reply on 619-234-4859

    I am telephone owner 50+ years land line no text - POSSIBLE FRAUD-SCAM -- Olivia Robertson, Oliva Robertson, Oliver Anthony Robertson, Oliver A. Robertson, Oliver Robertson, Anthony Robertson, Vannak Heng, iona Pichardi HAS NEVER HAD THIS telephone number (619) 234-4859, Has never lived in my home on Bancroft - is not known to us so be very careful - get picture ID & finger prints POSSIBLE FRAUD-SCAM

  • Last reply on 8644120276

    car sales

  • Last reply on 3144222119


  • Last reply on 8447637179

    Not safe. Someone call from an anonymous phone number and left a msg to me to call back at 844-763-7179, When I called back, a "supervisor" said I had reached "Western Asset" and proceeded to tell me that he had "documents" for me to sign and I should verify my address. Total scam. Not even remotely legitimate in any way, shape, or form.

  • Last reply on 403-305-0375

    Douglas orlesky works as a project manager. Binge drinks and stalks escorts. Escorts stay away Doug is danagous!

  • Last reply on 1-954-864-6915

    This is the cell number of a scamming windshield installer. He will try to get you to pay cash, because he is not going to install your windshield correctly, and he doesn’t want you to be able to do a chargeback on your credit card. He will claim that there is some problem that makes the repair or replacement much more expensive than the quote you get on the phone, and then he wants you to pay cash. Don’t do it. He used a universal molding that shouldn’t have been used with my car, and then he cut it too short, so it doesn’t cover the edge of the glass all the way around.

  • Last reply on 0468 738 449

    Excellent customer service, and fair pricing

  • Last reply on 0468 738 449

    Excellent customer service, and fair pricing

  • Last reply on 1-323-455-4348

    its a guys number that goes between LA and OC, he sends nudes and is very creepy, boardline stalker

  • Last reply on 2154392164

    Do not answer! Not safe!

  • Last reply on 8002270874

    They called and wanted me to "verify" information before telling me what the call was even about they are phishing!! Scammers!!!!!!

  • Last reply on 039702178

    I got a call from this number and they said they had something to do with insurance

  • Last reply on 7722128941

    Tried to call back and just got recorded “goodbye “ and auto disconnect

  • Last reply on 0649676722

    This person is a fraud and try to get phone s*x.

  • Last reply on 3093267242

    Not safe

  • Last reply on 3022689034

    this guy with British accent keeps calling and won't stop i have even resorted to cursing him out when he got rude with me. This number is Leap Wireless Intl DBA CRICKET.COMM

  • Last reply on 5043034063

    Scam. They called both my number and my daughter's number at the same time (robo-call). I answered and no one was there. She sent it to voicemail and they directed her to 844.390.3324 saying that "your name and your SSN is involved in a claim," and they will visit the home or work on file if no one calls back.

  • Last reply on 2154392164

    Do not speak to this person.

  • Last reply on 0412 533 874

    Keeps calling all hours of the day night- Never leaves a message

  • Last reply on 9194478322


  • Last reply on 0477446031

    This phone number is not safe. The woman's name is Lisa. It's best to avoid answering and do not reply to text. She won't money and claims you owe it to her.

  • Last reply on 0477446031

    I had continued abuse by text from this number all day and night. Also phone calls. 10to 15 in a row all hr of the night

  • Last reply on 928-972-3845


  • Last reply on 1-919-307-8511

    This number is not safe. The owner of this phone number name is Torino Teniel Cooley known as Trina Cooley & Trina Roth She is very dangerous.

  • Last reply on 1-857-245-5929

    Telemarketer stating they are doing a survey. They call in the late evenings 9/10 pm at night. After several attempts to get them to stop, we have reported them to the FCC as the late night calls are unacceptable.

  • Last reply on 6309234360

    They are scsmmers

  • Last reply on 2269160056

    It is Numeris, an non-partisan survey about what we are watching on TV and radio. The information helps them assure that Canadians are getting the television experience they want.

  • Last reply on 5182172193

    Woman stated she was from NYState dept of health doing survey......when I questioned her how do I know this isn’t a scam she then gave me the CDC website. Then she asked for adult with the NEXT birthday .....when my husband didn’t want to talk to her she said she needed to speak to someone that wasn’t biased. SCAM ALERT!

  • Last reply on 8447637179

    CAlled this number back, person on the phone claims to be a manager and repeated some federal law code, rude and said he is a general manager States he is 60 and Chinese but his name is Adam Steve’s general manager. The d*ck hung up. Pos

  • Last reply on 888-340-5369

    Ostensibly a property management company with rentals in Wausau, WI.

  • Last reply on 1-509-383-4372

    IRS scam, threatens arrest

  • Last reply on 704-949-9634

    Cortisha Naomi Lewis will call you repeatedly for weeks, back to back twice a day without leaving a message and if you don’t answer she will come to your house trying to get your info and your children’s info for a child safety kit you supposedly requested and the information they say they have is already public info. But when they come there’s no paperwork or info in their hands. Don’t be fool schools offer these kits safely without harassing calls and showing up to a known public address.

  • Last reply on 6143642924

    I know who it is.

  • Last reply on 9513183144

    Dangerous individual

  • Last reply on 9513183144


  • Last reply on 202-506-9968


  • Last reply on 9792677013

    This number keeps calling. I finally answered it and then no one replied back and a few seconds later they or whoever hung up???

  • Last reply on 7242703654

    it seems like this may be a spoofed number used for sending text messages between people who don't want others to find out?

  • Last reply on 1-414-409-7912

    no message left

  • Last reply on 817-318-6471

    This number has called my work dozens of times wanting to share information or white papers. This last time was about IBM video conferencing solutions. It is a local number that is connected with a call center in India.

  • Last reply on 760-498-6349

    This is a Human Resources department calling people to set up interviews for jobs. I just started my job yesterday, and I love it!

  • Last reply on 01727263045

    This number is given for an American company called RING who advertise on british tv quite a lot advertising their video doorbell and this is the number for U.K. queries but cant be sure if it is an expensive number ???

  • Last reply on 7578394063

    Did you ever find out? They called me too.

  • Last reply on 0166266671

    Unknown person send inappropriate msgs through whatsapp

  • Last reply on 2123900819

    What relevant info are you looking for?

  • Last reply on 2673327034

    I got a call saying that I had won a raffle that I put in for, but I didn’t think it was legit. Out of all of my friends who did the FREE raffle, I was the only one who got a call. It said I won a trip for four to Orlando. Not sure if it is trusted or not

  • Last reply on 8445395661

    This is the message they left me ---- 18445395661
    Hi my name is Stephanie I'm a dispatcher with DDS. This is a courtesy call for *******(?) ... in regards to the document that we had delivered to you on your the ******* trail(?) I just have a file for you and heard from you yet and because they are coming out of Orange County. They are now verified for your immediate attention. We need you to contact us immediately at 855-421-7372. You do have

  • Last reply on 8582630210

    This starts with an unsolicited and untraceable text message - first clue that it's a scam - and is followed up with a call that offers some kind of loan. THIS IS A SCAM, DO NOT RESPOND AND NEVER SAY THE WORD "YES" DURING THE CALL. These scammers are phishing for your personal info and will use it to steal from you! They may also record the call and use your "yes" response to gain access to your accounts, or to set up new accounts in your name. Do NOT be drawn in, do NOT answer these malicious calls

  • Last reply on 402-502-8421

    what is your concern regarding this number? This individual has sold a motorhome and a car for me.

  • Last reply on 6149022892

    Hi is something weird going on with this number ? I happen to know who's it is

  • Last reply on 855-984-6233

    Keeps calling and also using an unknown number too. Sounds threatening.

  • Last reply on 5093176491

    Ive gotten two calls from this number, when i called back, it rang and went silent. I just decided to block it to be safe

  • Last reply on 9492450584

    SPAM - Frank your friendly mortgage lender is not my lender or my mortgage holder. He left message to call him directly on his cell at 949-245-0584

  • Last reply on 18668205313

    It is Vancroft Williams debt collectors.

  • Last reply on 6124405079

    This is a work number for a Mortgage Broker who works with Lending Tree, Lower My Bills, and 27 other banks that refer your contact info to him. He wants to get you the info you requested.

  • Last reply on 717-207-7742

    Called threatening me with serving papers for a debt. If I'd pay a part of it they would probably accept it. I HAVE NO DEPT .... AND WOULD NOT PAY SOMEONE ELSES if it is real... they had ALL of my info... including SS# for myself as well as my spouse

  • Last reply on 02088857302

    not sure it keeps calling

  • Last reply on 7604986349

    Human Resources department, calling for job interviews

  • Last reply on 8477879552

    Medicare insurance

  • Last reply on 8477879552

    I read somewhere it has to do with medicare insurance

  • Last reply on 01493806767
  • Last reply on 093570701

    This number is the my food bag customer love/services number

  • Last reply on 093570701

    This number is the my food bag customer love/services number

  • Last reply on 8034041090

    Great guy! Met at the coffee shop in Greenville. Thanks for the coffee knowledge.

  • Last reply on 2065677809

    Has called my cell several times, doesn't leave a message when I don't answer.

  • Last reply on 8034041090

    Good guy. Lives in Greenville, SC

  • Last reply on 18883015080

    I received a call from this lady also stating I was going to court and had to pay something that someone else bought and gave me an amount and wrong names and looking for the wrong person. She went by the name of Claudia Palacio an attorney with the federal.

  • Last reply on 4243364993

    How did you get this number

  • Last reply on 8887895843

    it is safe

  • Last reply on 6476953769

    What wasn’t going on with this number? I’ve been in contact with someone that uses this number, turned out to not be who they said they were

  • Last reply on 01293960000

    I had a call from this number early this morning apologising for calling me accidentally- male sounded late 20’s

  • Last reply on 1-650-560-4770

    Fraud and scammers taking mo ey and getting personal info

  • Last reply on 1-650-560-4770

    Try to scam and take money and fraud. It has happened to me already. These people are using more than just this number

  • Last reply on 01827251689

    sc*m trying to con old people. Pretending to be from mictosoft

  • Last reply on 3212867916

    want to know What

  • Last reply on 6313101110

    This number called me @ 1:56am. Annoying!!!!!!

  • Last reply on 514-378-8912

    Phone safe

  • Last reply on 7865045894

    scammer pretending to be the IRS. When I asked for the address he got stupid asking if it was to come to his house, told me to bring co*doms. BIG SCAMMERS, don't call.

  • Last reply on 18883015080

    The lady that called from this number would only speak spanish to me and said that she was calling from the Department of misdemeanor in El Paso, Texas. She used the name Claudia Palasio. When I called the number back she did not want to discuss anything anymore and hung up on me.

  • Last reply on 4243330420

    Calls and asks for money, information, and inappropriate pictures.

  • Last reply on 2136999141

    I got a call from this number at 12:33pm and didn't answer because I didn't recognize it but after looking it up I saw that it has been looked up before and reported by multiple other people. I suspect it's not safe. Block it!

  • Last reply on 5412758371

    Called me about pain medication they had "shipped to me". Except I didn't order pain medication, haven't seen a doctor nor do I have insurance as I'm a small business owner, and she said she was from the "pharmacy services dept" at my insurance company. All very strange.

  • Last reply on +1442839239104

    calls for 2 seconds then hangs up. Annoying! Surely companies get MASSIVE FINES for doing this. Illegal calling

  • Last reply on 01274681036

    safe number

  • Last reply on 1-650-362-8840

    Scammer and sent viral link through text

  • Last reply on 02038414912

    This number called me many times.

    A woman angrily Left rude voice messages swearing saying F—K this F—k that why no one picks up. Why line is busy?!

    Who is this nuisance caller??

    This number is not safe and is nuisance!! Scary angry caller!

    When I call the number back, it doesn’t ring!!

  • Last reply on 6043604601

    This is my ex' tony sweet's number

  • Last reply on 2104153251

    I know this number. Why do you want to know?

  • Last reply on 9418947405

    calls all the time, no message, hangs up.

  • Last reply on 6156636661

    This number called me asking for my bank card information, which I felt uncomfortable giving out. The man on the line proceeded to curse at me before hanging up.

  • Last reply on 2073072547

    How hard did you look? Did you call it back? It's not a good number.

  • Last reply on 2073072547

    This is a harassment scam number that changes and after it calls you, you cannot call it back. Avoid at all costs. I believe it to be top priority of Sam artist.

  • Last reply on 3013493010

    This number called and said my name. I said correct. Well I identified her. Then nothing. Don not trust this.

  • Last reply on 0729213388

    I know the person. not a scammer or telesales or anything dodgy

  • Last reply on 3239448095

    Married man's #

  • Last reply on 0106629584

    Scammer. Totally a scammer.

  • Last reply on 0837367228


  • Last reply on 844-239-9016

    Collection agency imho

  • Last reply on 421-647-5828

    Man with a heavy foreign accent claimed to be with Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Area Code 421 (an invalid area code) was the first clue that call was a scammer using a spoofed number.

  • Last reply on 1-360-718-6803

    Scam number for e.loans

  • Last reply on 6604738829

    Fraudulent activity going on

  • Last reply on 6196180028

    Caller left no message.

  • Last reply on 888-275-1697

    This is Spectrum communications. It gives an option to remove from phone list by pressing #1.

  • Last reply on 5139965713

    This person names "Ryan" calls and tells you this is a recorded conversation. He then asks you for your DOB and your last 4 of your SSN. When you don't cooperate he tells you, "I will let them them know you were uncooperative" and then hangs up on you.

  • Last reply on 9516324823

    Never leaves message

  • Last reply on 347-305-4899

    This number called me as well. The person said they are Home Solutions and demanded information about our property then became very nasty when we refused to divulge any information to them. My experience with this type of call is scam.

  • Last reply on 951-907-2638


  • Last reply on 951-907-2638

    Not Safe!

  • Last reply on 4845809318

    This guy is scamming people out of rent money - beware.

  • Last reply on 3129730133


  • Last reply on 6155490212

    African scammers.

  • Last reply on 9028173151

    This guy or girl is a thief. Don't trust as they will take your money

  • Last reply on 4804697651

    I don't know who this is either, but I just got two texts from it. If you live in the same area code as the number, like I do, it could be because of a posting or listing. I lost my dog a few weeks ago, and have posters up with my number. So that could be the reason.

  • Last reply on 8055307133

    Scam caller

  • Last reply on 5877548737

    Me too

  • Last reply on 2564144472

    This is a scammer this person tired to get money from me and I'm a early woman and this caller keep calling me trying to get money, i don't want this number to ever call me again please block it, so they can't use this number ever again, Thanks Alice

  • Last reply on 781-539-6105

    Had a car listed on Craigslist and received text from this number telling me that I had messages on my Craigslist inbox with a link. As far as I know there is no such thing.

  • Last reply on 623-745-1842

    Calls , leave no message ,therefore not an important call I Block

  • Last reply on 856-677-3136

    Bed Chek mattress inspection. I was expecting their call. Looked up number not recognizing it until they left a voicemail.

  • Last reply on 1-774-488-9848

    seems ok

  • Last reply on 403-481-4131

    What's happening with it? I need info too

  • Last reply on 312-973-0133


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